Riser and Pipeline


Fixed/Floating Systems

Riser and Pipeline

Subsea System

Reservoir and Production Management


Production and Drilling RisersRiser FEA

- SCR, TTR, Flexible, Hybrid Riser, and Drilling Riser
- Riser Configuration and Wall Thickness Sizing
- Wellbay/Subsea Layout, Hang-off System Design
- Strength/Fatigue/VIV/Interference Analysis
- Material Selection and Coating Design
- Riser Component Design and Analysis (Stress Joint, FlexJoint, Riser Porch)
- Engineering Criticality Assessment
- Installation Engineering and Procedures
Subsea Flowline
- Pipe Wall Thickness Sizing & Material Selection
- Insulation Design & Cathodic Protection Design
- Route Selection and Span Analysis
- On-Bottom Stability Design & Rock Berm Design
- Thermal Expansion/Walking/Fatigue Analysis
- Upheaval/Lateral Buckling Analysis & Mitigation Umbilical

- Pigging Loop Design
- Installation Engineering and Procedures

- Configuration, Cross Section & Termination Design
- Strength, Fatigue, Interference, Installation Analysis
- Route Selection and On-Bottom Stability Design
- Hydraulic Analysis and Electric Analysis

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