Fixed and Floating Systems


Fixed/Floating Systems

Riser and Pipeline

Subsea System

Reservoir and Production Management


Offshore Production Facilities: Spar, TLP, Semi, FPSO
Offshore Loading and Offloading Terminal: CALM Buoy
Shallow Water Fixed Structures: Jacket

Structural Engineering

- Hull Structural Scantling Design
- Appurtenance/Outfitting Design
- Structural Analysis
     Global Structure
     Local Structure
     Structure Optimization
- Fatigue and Fracture Analysis
- Deck Structural Design and Analysis
- Foundation Design and Analysis
- AFC Drawings / Shop Drawings
- Fabrication Support
- Marine Operation Support
     Load-out, Lifting, Float-Off
     Dry Tow, Wet Tow, Upending
     Mating, Integration, Installation
- Hull Specification


Naval Architecture and Hydrodynamics

- Platform Sizing and Optimization
- Hydrodynamic Analysis
     Frequency Domain and Time Domain
     Fully Coupled Analysis
     Motion, Acceleration, Air Gap, Hydro Load
     Multi-Body Analysis
- Hydrostatics and Stability
- Weight Control and Management
- Model Test Specification and Calibration
     Wave Basin Test
     Wind Tunnel Test
     VIM Test
- Mooring Design and Analysis
     Sizing, Layout and Optimization
     Permanent and Temporary System
     Strength and Fatigue Analysis
     Fiber Mooring � Dual Stiffness
     Component Specification
     Tendon System Design and Analysis
- Transportation and Installation Engineering
     Platform Transportation and Installation
     Topside Installation and Mooring Installation
- Marine Operation Manual Preparation

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