Fixed/Floating Systems

Riser and Pipeline

Subsea System

Reservoir and Production Management


DMAR engineers have extensive experience in the design and analysis of offshore energy facilities
TLPworldwide; and have been involved in:

   Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs)

        - Big Foot, Shenzi, West Seno, Marco Polo, Prince, Oveng/Okume
        - Brutus, Marlin, URSA, Ram-Powell, Mars, Auger

        - Tahiti, Holstein, Mirage, Mad Dog, Gunnison, Red Hawk
        - Medusa, Devils Tower, Front Runner


        - Independence Hub, Thunder Hawk, Gumusut, CP Semi, Nautilus
   FPSO and Mooring Systems

        - Stone, Baleia Azul, Rose Bank, Skarv, Fram, BZ25-1, Liuhua, etc.
   Risers and Pipelines

        - Marine Well Containment System, Cascade & Chinook, Jack & St. Malo
        - Roncador, Independence Hub, Devils Tower, Constitution, Horn Mountain
        - Thunder Horse, Kizomba A&B, Heidrun Flank, Thunder Hawk


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