- Acronyms and Abbreviations in Offshore Oil and Gas

     FPSO: Floating Production, Storage and Offloading                             TLP: Tension Leg Platform
     SCR: Steel Catenary Riser                                                                TTR: Top Tension Riser
     PLEM: Pipeline End Manifold                                                             XT: Christmas Tree
     For 2000+ more acronyms and abbreviations, please download "Offshore Acronyms"

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- Basics for Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore Oil History                            How Offshore Drilling Works

What is Oil Platform                           An Overview of Offshore Concepts                    Worldwide Deepwater Platform Records (2012)

Spar Platform: Introduction-1        Introduction-2       How Does It Work       Worldwide Survey of Spars (2012 Poster)
                     Technip Introductory Video     Fabrication Video       Transportation and Installation Video       Operation Video

TLP Platform: Introduction-1       Introduction-2       How Does It Work       Worldwide Survey of TLPs (2010 Poster)

                     Hull Transportation Video/a>       Auger TLP Video

Semi-Submersible Platform: Introduction       How Does It Work       Worldwide Survey of Semi (2011 Poster)
                                         Introductory Video     Thunder Horse Transportation Video   Blind Faith Semi Video   

FPSO Platform: Introduction       How Does It Work
                        FPSO Fundamentals (by SBM) Video       Tandem Loading Video      Building Agbami Video       AKPO Sailaway Video

SPM Buoy: Introduction       Construction and Installation (Video)

Riser: Cascade Project - Riser installation Video     Riser Clamps and Installation Video   Riser VIV Video

Subsea: Introductory Video       Well Construction Video       Subsea Operation Video
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